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geek love

Not something I wanted to do...

Posted by pip22 on 2006.07.27 at 21:52
However, since I haven't as yet even begun to record and it doesn't look like there's going to be a lot of time devoted to it, I regretfully must excuse myself from the DSProductions Henry IV.

Miss Lea, please feel free to email me if you want.

I apologize to all involved for my lack of enthusiasm and devotion to the project.


Posted by the_alchemist on 2000.10.25 at 01:06
Happy St Crispin's Day!

With apologies for cross-posting.

richard ii looks down his nose

happy birthday to DSP!

Posted by angevin2 on 2005.09.10 at 20:16
Current Mood: cheerfulcheerful
On this date in 2002, jon3831 made an ill-advised remark about recording Henry V with spliced .wav files in the company of people who thought such a thing might be a Good Idea. Three years later we are, as far as I know, the only functional long-distance Shakespeare company.

I do love the internet. ;)


Novel Recommendation

Posted by the_alchemist on 2000.08.12 at 22:51
The Last Family in England by Matt Haig.

It's bizarre and very hard to describe, but loosely based on Henry IV Part 1 and wonderful. It's the story of an ordinary family - Adam, Kate, Charlotte and Hal Hunter - told through the eyes of their dog, Prince, who like all labradors is sworn to protect his family above all things. But he has his work cut out for him. Hal is irresponsible, Charlotte suicidal, Adam is besotted with an aromatherapist called Emily and Kate with Emily's husband, Simon. Worse still, Emily owns a Springer Spaniel called Falstaff, who is bent on leady Prince astray...

And... um... it's much better than I'm making it sound. Not un-heartbreaking though.

richard ii looks down his nose

look what I can do!

Posted by angevin2 on 2005.06.07 at 20:40
Current Mood: sleepyunproductive
I've put a counter on our info page, so that we may keep track of our progress. It's not very impressive thus far, but there's only one way to fix that! ;)


Over the last few days....

Posted by wattie on 2005.05.30 at 01:50
Current Mood: not too bad considering
Current Music: Where the Wild Roses Grow
Well, not only have I been reading the play-and I'll post more about that later when I am reunited with my yellow legal pad-but I've also come to the conclusion that Lea is in fact a Darth Lady of the Sith. Certainly she is powerful in the Dark Side of the Bard!

I vote we dub our director Darth Leafrus. But that's just me, and what do I know, being a wicked Archbishop. Certainly, John knows more, he's the King. And why is he the King? Because he knows his lines. He said so.

-Wattie aka His Eminence Richard Scroope, Archbishop of York.

P.S. Any wishing to make appointments to kiss my ring may certainly do so.

Posted by jb1234 on 2005.04.19 at 20:42
Alright folks. This is the obligatory "what's up", "keep this community alive" and "what should we be going" post. Obviously, considering the size of our cast, I'm sure that there's lots of naughty behavior and petting but we must remain calm and constructive!

While we are Dangerously Slow (hey, it's a trademark!), I think that if we ramp up the pace and really show Shakespeare what we can do, we can be Dangerously but Fantastically Cool (and Slow) at the same time! Thoughts? Ideas? Sexual favors?

richard ii looks down his nose


Posted by angevin2 on 2005.02.05 at 22:55
Current Mood: mischievousmischievous
Okay, so I said a week last time I posted, and that was wrong, but the script's done now (except for the Welsh dialogue in 3.1, which is coming, and will be added as soon as we have it).

It's not up on the site yet, though -- you can all nag jon3831 about that now, as it's out of my hands. ;)

ETA: Jon says it'll be up tomorrow.

Random question...

Posted by rjb182 on 2004.12.30 at 22:23
Are we still planning to release the outtake reel? Or did we do that already, and I missed it? I haven't seen an official announcement here or on EI...


Posted by jon3831 on 2004.12.19 at 21:49
Current Mood: productive
As promised hours ago, here's the first draft of the Chat FAQ. It will be added to later, but this was just to get the ball rolling.

Chat FAQ, Version 0.5


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